London Classic Tour

London Classic Tour

London Classic Tour

This tour operates by reservation. To book, please fill in the contact us form . We will respond as soon as possible, confirming the tour and sending all necessary data and the meeting point.

What You Will See

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament / Buckingham Palace / Abbey Westminster / Trafalgar Square / 10 Downing Street (home of the Prime Minister) / River Thames and London Eye / Park St. James / Piccadilly Circus / Whitehall / Charing Cross and km 0 / Palace St. James / District of St. James / Horse guards (headquarters of the mounted guard) / Parliament Square / Church of Santa Margarita / National Gallery / Piccadilly Street / Bridge Westminster / Westminster School / Supreme Court / gentlemen’s clubs / shops where you buy the royal family.

London Classic Tour

How Does It Work

Like all our tours, this is a walking tour in which one of our guides will explain the history and anecdotes of the different places that are on the tour. It is open to the general public tour, but has a maximum number of participants, to ensure the quality of the experience.

London in Spanish and guides the right to admission and participation in all its tours, both free and paid, as well as the right to expel the tour to any person or persons who exhibit aggressive and / or behavior offensive to the guide book and / or other participants, or that by their behavior interferes with the normal development of the tour.
Everyone taking part in this tour accept to be responsible for their own safety and that of their dependents, and will continue all precautions and recommendations offered by the guide, who in turn take all possible measures to provide a safe route, but will not be subject to any liability in house damage to your person or your property, or if material losses.


As the name ‘London Classic’ indicates, this is the tour where you will see the most classic London.It is the tour for you should start if it is the first time you come to the British capital. Here you can be in Piccadilly Circus and bright screens, walk through the most aristocratic neighborhood of London, see the most important palace in the country (no, not what you’re thinking), see Buckingham Palace and match the changing of the guard (winter change only on alternate days), to stay with his mouth open before the facade of Westminster Abbey, take pictures of the Palace of Westminster and know what is really the Big Ben, walk down the main street of the country (Whitehall ), make a “visit” to the house of the Prime Minister and the royal guard on horseback, hear the story of Banqueting house, be at kilometer 0 of London and finish the tour in the famous Plaza of Trafalgar. And if you’ve already been to London and you’ve seen these places, also should do the tour if you want to know … Why is it said that Admiral Nelson “came out” before I die / What were the only 3 occasions they went out screens Piccadilly / the name of the only British monarch who was beheaded / where to buy music at half price / what is the largest bookstore in Europe / what is the neighborhood where the highest rents in the world are paid / Why lions Trafalgar “belong” to Spain and France / Why Kilometer 0 is named in honor of a Spanish queen / long was the language of king Charles I / many times have burned the Parliament / Why almost no bins in London / many neighbors have the Prime Minister in his Downing street / How to know if the Queen is “at home”.

The tour London Classic is essential to know the most important of London, know more about the history of the city and anecdotes that you know can not be found in guidebooks.

Tour Information
Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Starts Starts at 10.30 and 15.00
 Tour Time 2h 30m

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