London Night Tour

London Night Tour

London Night Tour

The Covent Garden Market / Chinatown / The bright screens Piccadilly Circus / The National Gallery / The square where the red carpet for the world premieres of movies / The monument to Agatha Christie / Shop M & gets Ms / theaters Les Miserables the Phantom of the Opera and Michael Jackson’s Thriller / the Planet Hollywood / restaurant the historic church in central London / zero kilometer / street known as Broadway London / the oldest pub in central London / the restaurant where dinner famous London / One of the best shopping teddies Europe / theater where is representing ‘the Mousetrap’, the play with the world record of permanence / store maps and travel the world’s oldest / shop ‘Apple’ world’s largest

How Does It Work

Like all our tours, this is a London walking tour in which one of our guides will explain the history and anecdotes of the different places that are on the tour. It is open to the general public tour, but has a maximum number of participants, to ensure the quality of the experience.


In the tour ‘London Night’ we will see the most iconic of the 2 most famous districts in the heart of London: Soho and Covent Garden. These two districts together constitute one of the most vibrant areas of the world is where have happened events of global impact where they have invented things that have changed the modern world, where they have formed legendary musical groups, where the highest concentration of theaters in Europe, where world premieres of great films are made almost every week where you live one of the most eclectic night scenes in the world and far is Europe’s most famous Chinatown. Visit London and not see the Soho and Covent Garden is to miss one of the most fascinating sides of this great world capital. Now with our guided tour ‘London Night’ you have the opportunity to experience for yourself what makes these areas one of the most fascinating places on the planet.

London Night Tour

With our tour London Classic will see all these buildings and monuments that you can not miss in your a visit to London with our tour The City of London will see the old town, the oldest part of London and our tour London at Night will see that central London giving you the reputation of being the British capital one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

And if you’re wondering “but I have seen that also ye offer the tour of Soho and the tour of Covent Garden and the London Evening tour are Soho and Covent Garden. Are things being repeated? The answer is no. On our tour London Night is the most famous and tourist of these 2 districts. While in each of our tours of Soho and Covent Garden are devoted 2 hours path to explore in more depth the history and anecdotes of everything related to each of these 2 neighborhoods. This means that you can make the 3 tours and nothing is repeated in them. This tour The heart of London is especially ideal for tourists who come for the first time to London and want to see the most famous of these neighborhoods. Tours of Soho and Covent Garden are ideal for people who have already been to London and seen the most basic and want to know more of the city and also for those who even come to London for the first time in addition to tourism also they want to see all of these important sites in this global capital.

Tour Information

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Starts at 19:00
2h 30m
£ 10 / £ 5 / Children under 5 years: free

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