Old London Tour

Old London Tour

Old London Tour

Tower of London / Tower Bridge (Tower Bridge) / St. Paul’s Cathedral / BoE / City of the City of London (Guildhall) / House mayor of the City (Mansion House) / The Monument / The ‘Gherkin’ and other skyscrapers / Temple Bar / Roman remains / medieval Market / London Stock Exchange origin / Royal Exchange / Hall City / the Shard / Guildhall Art Gallery / Church of San Lorenzo / medieval alleys of the old town

Old London Tour

How Does It Work

Like all our tours, this is a London walking tour in which one of our guides will explain the history and anecdotes of the different places that are on the tour. It is open to the general public tour, but has a maximum number of participants, to ensure the quality of the experience. London in Spanish and guides the right to admission and participation reserve in any of their tours, both free and paid as well as the right to expel the tour to any person or persons who exhibit aggressive and / or behavior offensive to the guide and / or other participants, or that by their behavior interferes with the normal development of the tour. All persons taking part in this tour accept to be responsible for their own safety and that of their dependents, and follow all precautions and recommendations offered by the guide, who in turn take all possible measures to provide a safe route, but not it will be subject to liability in house damage to your person or your property, or if material losses.


Old London is the tour for those who do not conform to take pictures of places of interest and want to know the real London. This guided tour covers the main points of the City of London. ‘The City’ is the center of London. 2,000 years of history! We repeat: this is the real London. And yet it is the least visited part. Result: street without tourists. A shame tourists leave town without seeing London actually.

City history is fascinating. The City is a world apart, suffice to say it has its own mayor, its own town hall, its own police force. The City is also the richest city in the world and even the queen has to “ask permission” to enter.

It sounds amazing right? For it is only the beginning, see the route and you will know: How many gemstones make up the Crown Jewels / How many people were executed actually in the Tower of London / Whose fault London / burned many times up every year Tower bridge / many times have burned the Cathedral of St. Paul / that London bridge is not really that want to photograph / who was the most alcoholic queen of England’s history / many executives working in the City / Where was beheaded Anne Boleyn / What building City has burned cars / Where are the ruins of the Roman amphitheater / Where is the grill San Lorenzo / Where in the City is hidden part of the gold from the US, Switzerland and many more countries

Tour Information

 Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
 Depart Starts at 10.30 and 15.00
 Tour Time 2h – 2h15m

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